Thursday, January 3, 2013


Today, JANUARY 3, 2013, has already seen the destruction of the OLD ORDER and the imposition of THE NEW ORDER, that has cast its shadows long over the last decade, and of which, the DECEMBER, 21ST 2012 'MAYAN' PREDICTION of an APOCALYPSE focused and which many thought about, wrote about, and worried about, not realizing that it was 'TRUE' in that life as they once knew it has changed beyond of what they are aware and when it is too late, they will ask the inevitable 'WHY?' & 'HOW'.          
Already the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT has stopped printing and mailing various forms, booklets, etc. to those who are required to receive these now ELECTRONICALLY via computers,etc. at their own expense, a cost cutting, but also a control in place, measure. The government assumes everyone has or can have access to the computers needed for such things and also that they will know how to use such and so on. Eventually, the nation will become 'CASHLESS': no coins, no paper bills but only electronic funds,perhaps on government- issued 'GIFT-CARDS' or 'entitlement-pension-benefits-etc.' cards enabling electronic transfers of all kinds.                                                                                                                                   Few understand the implications of this and those who are 'techno-nerds' swallow this policy like the beer they guzzle down  and the weeds they inhale on their mindless quests for pleasure and satisfaction at the expense of  'higher' things.                                                                                                                                                                                    Already, the publishing/printing fields have narrowed and are drying up as this is being written, so that eventually a single publisher/printer of books, magazines, etc. will perhaps monopolize these things, though it may also mean that individuals may have to do their own writing and publishing and printing if anyone of them is capable of such a 'task' or 'enterprise',that is, without additional government supervision,control, incentive, or restrictions, etc.  More on this topic another time.  

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